The number one fear in retirement is running out of money before you die. We have put together a masterclass that teaches you how to plan your retirement so you can enjoy your golden years.

Meet Your Instructor: Brian J. Decker

Brian started his career in 1987 and learned really fast how much the market can impact peoples lives. After Black Monday 1987 he watched retirees suffer and vowed to never practice what brokerage firms were doing.

Through his career he transitioned to two sided models and discovered the Principles of Retirement. With these tools he was able to take his clients through the Dot Com crash of 2000-03 and the housing crash of 2008-09, unaffected. Not only did his clients get through those crashes, they were able to make money.

Now he wants to take everything he has learned and make it available to everyone. Planning out your retirement following the strategies he has learned after 35 years of business can safely take you through retirement without worry.

If you are within 5 years of retirement or are currently retired, enroll now to learn about A Safer Retirementâ„¢ so that you can enjoy your retirement.